Saturday, February 2, 2008

Young Adult Christmas Party

Even though we are technically not in the "young adult" fellowship group at our church, were the pastor's family, so we can do what we want! Ha, ha. Seriously, anyone is free to fellowship where they would like, you just need a babysitter. We got a babysitter and went to the young adult Christmas party which was a blast. There was lots of good food and a contest for the tackiest sweater, which really turned out to be a contest for the tackiest, most creative Christmas costume. Jesse Hines came as "Elf", Winfield and Aaron went cowboy and I just came as the southern belle that I am w/ a puffy-paint bear on my sweatshirt. I know, I was cute. Anyway, Jesse won for the guys, Brittany Diggs won the contest for the girls and as you will see in the pics, she looked a little scary! That's right. The fun of the night also consisted of a "dirty santa" gift exchange. Winfield and I brought a "movie night" package with "Rudy", coke, popcorn and sweets which was very popular. Ha, ha. We made out of the party with a crazy candle stand and a statue of some dolphins which I still cannot be totally sure about... Enjoy the pics!

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