Monday, February 18, 2008

Winfield's Trip to Germany

Here are some pictures from Winfield's trip to Germany last week. He had a great time and had some wonderful ministry opportunities.

Here is the trip in his own words from his pastor's blog:

The conference in Germany was amazing! I taught three times to students and ministers from over 20 different nations in Europe. It was truly the most international place I have ever encountered. My three topics were Church Planting in a Postmodern World, Reaching Postmodern People for Christ, and Developing Leaders in a Postmodern World. The theme of the conference was obviously Postmodern ministry for the 21st century. Over the course of my time in Germany I met some amazing people. Perhaps the greatest blessing was spending time with the students in conversation. I was able to personally talk with students and ministers from several different nations. I can’t explain how incredible this was. I now have the opportunity to be involved in training church planters in Europe in the future.

There were several highlights, especially spending time with my good friends Blayne and Angie Waltrip who are missionary educators at the ETS in Germany. I was able to stay in their home and enjoy their hospitality. Blayne speaks too many languages to mention and has a burden for international church planting. I also enjoyed the interaction and fellowship of the group of diverse ministers who came from the US to minister and teach. I truly met several kindred spirits, which was very refreshing and encouraging.

As with any mission/ministry, there were challenges, but the trip was worth every minute of it, even the 10 hour plane ride there and back! Next time I will bring Kay and the kids to experience Europe first hand. We have an open invitation to come back and travel and minister in Germany, France, Italy, and England.

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