Sunday, September 7, 2008


So, we had a vacation a few weeks ago. Yes, we actually took as Sunday off.
Our week started on a Monday with a trip to Wintergreen, Va. Most people know it as a ski resort, but August was nice too. There was a pool just across from our condo that we swan in twice. One time, Anna Belle was running really fast and scraped her face on the concrete, but that's ok, she recovered and swam anyway. There was this really cool lake that was at the bottom of the mountain that we spent a WHOLE day at. However, our camera batteries were dead, so we have no pics to prove the fun that we had there. The girls swam and swam, we had lunch and even rented a paddle-boat for an hour and paddled around the whole lake. The girls were absolutely exhausted by the time we got back to shore, but Daddy rescued them with some freezie pops from the refreshment stand. That was a great day.
The evenings were really nice and cool there. We actually bought long-sleeve t-shirts to wear b/c I forgot our "hoodies". So, every night we put the kids to bed and stayed up late watching the olympics on nbc. I LOVED the olympics
The mornings in Wintergreen were our favorite b/c it was cool outside, so we would sit on the porch for a few hours drinking our coffee, talking, reading and playing with the girls. What a fun time we had there!
Next, we were off to Knoxville, TN to visit with Winfield's family for the first time in 9 months. We stayed with his Sister, Brenda and had a great time with them. Southern hospitality at it's best! We visited with Winfield's mom, dad and sisters while we were there. Again, no batteries, so no pictures. I must get control of this battery situation. I will make myself a note in my day-planner. Ha, ha. The girl's loved swimming in their Grandmother's pool and just relaxing.
On our Sunday off we took the opportunity to visit a church in Knoxville. It was so WEIRD to actually get up and get dressed knowing that you were about to be a visitor at a church other than your church. It was a very big church. It felt like going to church at Wal-Mart. For real. The kids went to children's church. They did great and had a good time. It made me appreciate our church here on the Outer Banks, oh I love it so much!
So, that's about it. Summer is over. Last week Elizabeth had her 1st day of preschool at St. Andrews. I went back to work at St. Andrews on Thursday. Now, fall is here and I look forward to the beaches being less crowded and being able to just walk on the beach with a cup of coffee and search for sea glass!