Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It Has Been a While

So, it has been since Easter that I have updated my blog. A few fun things have happened in the Bevins household since then. I guess I will start with our new fish! I have really, really bad allergies. I am allergic to cats and even some dogs, so we do not have pets. However, sometime in April we decided it would be fun for our children if we got some fish as pets! We went to Wal-Mart and Elizabeth picked out a lovely 2.5 gal purple tank w/ pink n purple rocks for the bottom. We also purchased the greenery for the tank and the chemicals, food, etc that you need to keep it clean. This was fun. Then Winfield took Elizabeth to the pet store to pick out the fish! She was SO excited. Anna Belle had fallen asleep by this time. Ha, ha. We now have 4 silver fish, can't be sure what they are called but their names are: Rainbow, Sparkle, Dorothy and Nemo. They are STILL living and seem very happy on the dresser in Elizabeth's room. I hope they keep living. We are official pet-owners. Our Anna Belle is a dog lover. She sleeps w/ 4 stuffed-animal doggies every night. One day when our budget allows, we can get something like a poodle that does not shed and will not bother my allergies. That will be a happy day for Anna Belle! Until then, the fish will have to do!

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